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Dear users, we are happy to introduce you to a great Sonja28 , for whom there are no taboos and no indiscreet questions! This tender, fragile and sexy thing has tremendous power and is happy to share it with everyone! Watch our interview with Sonja28 to find out what turns her on the most, and you’ll be surprised how skilled this angelic girl can be! Don’t miss the hot details!

Tell us how you became a webcam model. We are looking forward to your stories!

I found out about working as a webcam model from an acquaintance while watching a video and discussing where I could work. My friend saw an ad and told me about it. I visited the website and decided to give it a try since I broke up with my boyfriend at that moment. Being a rather anti-social guy, this job was a good alternative for me because it allowed me to work from home and not have real contact with other people. I have experience in various fields and nothing has brought me more joy than streaming and cheering up other people.

How would you characterize yourself?

This has always been a tricky thing for me… I would probably say that I look very shy and timid, I have a baby face, but as the saying goes, I have the spirit of the devil hiding inside me. I can be loving and gentle, and then daring, strong, provocative and testing the impatience of others. You could call me a whirlwind of emotions, and at the same time I’m very easygoing, and sometimes I can even seem sad when I’m not smiling. But it is not like that! I am always in a positive mood and when I come into contact with people I only express positive feelings to them.

How do you take care of your appearance? is there a secret

One secret is that there isn’t one. I follow a basic routine, such as B. the care of the hair, the morning and evening shower. Maintaining my own hygiene is my top priority. I do not visit a make-up artist, my complexion is naturally good. I only put on make-up to even out my complexion, but that wasn’t something I used to do every day. I also use the most important care products: hand creams, face creams and nourishing body creams as well as shampoos and nourishing and shiny face masks. An expensive price does not have to mean good quality.

Sonja28 lies on the bed and wears a gray thong

What do you think is the most attractive thing in a woman?

In my opinion the most erotic thing about a woman is the look in her eyes, her character and her creative streak (when she can do something stupid, but there is still reason and intelligence behind her plans). Men love it when a woman can be daring, cosmopolitan, filled with desire and passion and at the same time loving, tender and cheerful like a child, even when others are watching her.

What does love and romance actually mean to you?

In love one would like to dress up nicely for him, put on a nice cologne. When you are separated, you think of your beloved partner: Has he eaten anything yet? Was he well dressed yesterday when it was windy and chilly outside? And especially when you’re about to give up and you’re about to collapse, but your loved one is still holding your hand and saying, „You might think your legs won’t make it and you’re going to lose the fight, but you do you’re gonna make it, you’re gonna make it, you’re ready for this fight – so fight for it!“. It is romantic when you want to do something pleasant for someone, e.g. For example, take her to a cozy place, watch a movie together, or cook dinner for two while turning out the lights, light candles, or plant lots of plants in the shared garden so you always have fresh, nice-smelling, and beautiful flowers.

How can contestants turn you on while streaming?

It’s hard for me to explain, but to turn me on, a man should have a beautiful charisma, because despite the lyrics, you can feel lust and passion. I think it is very nice when a man also actively participates in our conversation and we easily find common interests.

What do you dream of the most?

There are many beautiful dreams but the only dream I have right now is to live in my own dream house and have a pet! I would like a wooden house or a brick house, but since a fire can easily break out in such a house, a brick house would be a better choice. I love the coziness of a fireplace in the hallway. As I am a very creative person, interior design can be unpredictable and constantly changing! At the moment this is still a long-term dream, but I am convinced that I will make it come true. As for the interior design, I’ll think about that later.

If you were given a million euros, what would you do?

A very good question, but also a very difficult one. Man is very vulnerable and has always been susceptible to disease. Cancers are untreatable, and they can occur not only in adults and the elderly, but even in children who are just beginning their lives. This is really terrible! If I had that much money, I would spend it on research into drugs for a deadly disease, or fund research into vaccines.

What are you interested in? Do you have hobbies?

Oh yes, I’m quite an athletic person! I enjoy hiking day and night, cycling the country lanes and going to the pool for a long swim. My hobbies include painting and photography. I like to draw portraits of people, children, animals, eyes and hands, flowers and landscapes. As far as photography goes, I particularly like photos where it’s not entirely clear whether it’s the person or the composition that draws you in. It’s really impressive!

Do you want to say something nice to your fans?

I want to wish the members to remain strong, to stay true to themselves no matter what the situation, and to be positive even when they face difficulties in life. I also want to thank those who are always with me, who support me and who are waiting for me online. Sometimes I’m in private chats for several hours – and they’re still waiting for me! I really appreciate that!

We hope, dear readers, that the interview with a passionate Sonja28 inspired you to get to know her better! A chat with this sophisticated girl will give you an unforgettable day – you will be able to experience an interesting conversation and an incredibly exciting show! Don’t miss the chance to see it all with your own eyes – enter this model’s chat room today and be enchanted by the charm of this wonderful woman!

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